Worms:spreads very fast

Worms r special types of programs which make copies of themselves on the host system.U might be thinking that than what harm it can pose to us.The problem with it is that they make as much copies of themselves till your pc doesn't crashes.Not only this,they forward themselves to other pc from your pc through remote execution commands.If u use outlook express than it will send its copy to all those people it finds out in your contact lists thereby infecting their pc's also.No u can imagine how much dangreous it is.There r several types of worms which r existing over internet....

Most of them have been explained t this site http://virusall.com/worms.shtm

This site list most of the worms oer internet & vatious tools which u can use if u get infected with any one of them.Even foe informational purpose this site is good for beginners.

Any comments,suggestions r welcome.

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