Installing Software virtually

Those of u who r new to virtualisation , for them virtualisation is a way through which u can install various applications not directly onto your Operating Systm which is generally u do by installing it in default location of
c:\program files

instead there is a software from altiris(now part of semantic) which help u install any software onto your Operating System.The main advantage of this is that this gets in between r Operating System & your application.whenever u install any software than some registry entries r created .This virtual software will store these registry entries in itself & when u require that software than those entries will become visible.if u r fond of installing large number of software than tis software helps in not overloading your registry & your Operating System will not crash easily.There r situation where when u install certain software which doesn't uninstall itself , for them if they have been installed over altiris than u need to just delete the layer of that software. & that software will not be shown by your Operating System.IF u want to try than its free for home use but paid for official use.

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