Vi Editor

If u r planing to use Linux now than for editing / creating  or viewing ,the most common utility which u will be going to use is Vi editor.For windows user,u can consider it as a software like notepad which u will use in the command prompt of Linux which is called terminal....

  just as for opening command prompt u type cmd in run dialog box,same in Linux type terminal & u will b presented with terminal.This terminal has more power in terms of features as compared to command prompt of Linux.terminal has large number of utilities & commands along with several  parameters.To start vi,just type "vi abc".here,abc is the name of file which u r going to create.for editing type same command with its filename but without double quotes.after opening it,if u want to write any thing press i/a & then start typing from where u want to type.
after writing, to save file just as u press ctrl+s in windows here just press esc & then type

:wq or
:q or
where w=write when u type :wq than it means write everything to the file & quit/close the file.

for more informations regarding vi editor or its functionalities, check this out:-

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