Network security threat/problem-II

sorry for not sticking to a particular topic.I was going over some books when my friend asked me the meaning of those 4, let me change the topic for a while & write about RAM Latencies.but in this post, I am continuing network security problems.Apart from those type of attacks which i have discussed earlier, some more types of attack r also possible.Two of which I am discussing right now:

some of u might be knowing about this attack.This attack is generally caused by some secret way to the software which r left open intentionally by programmers.some common examples of this type attack can be heard in newspaper where a programmer left a hole in banking software & modified it a bit so that some percentage of money from each account gets transfered into his account.Checking for these back doors or trap doors  is very difficult as the the lines  of codes goes on increasing.There r usually more than thousand lines of code in big,finding these trap door is very difficult.

These r not bombs in actually as the name suggest.foe explanation purpose,consider a program which becomes active after a particular event has occurred like at a particular time.what this program will do,it all depends upon the code.There was some virus which used this modus operandi to execute & harm your computer.if u r interested in learning about computer viruses than visit site provides a lot of information regarding viruses & it releases warning from time to time for various softwares when ever any problem is detected by their team.

Any suggestion , question or comments r welcome.

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