create 'con' or 'nul' or 'prn' folder

This "con" word can be found on web which will tell u how to create it but there are more such names which u cannot use to create a folder or any file.These names are:


Its fun to create a folder with such name but it could even crash your system as these words are reserved for the system.When u try to save any file with name like con u, pop message will come like this.

Now coming to how to create a folder with those reserved keywords.Lets start with con folder.We can create a folder named CON or LPT or COM by a simple way.
Right click and do create folder process. While naming the folder, type 'CON' and type c55 in the numpad holding the alt button.
EX 'CON' + (hold atl + '255').

This process would create a folder named CON and a space with it. You cannot explicitly give a space because windows cuts off the excess spaces before or after the name.Other way to go about making a con folder :

Start->run->cmd(enter)Now type following command(first reach c:\ in the command prompt.U can reach here from c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator by typing cd.. & enter till u reach c:\ at command prompt)

type in prompt c:\> "mkdir \\.\c:\con"

verify by typing "dir \\.\e:\con"

After u create such folder,it cannot be deleted the say same way u delete other files from the windows.To delete the file or folder type "rmdir \\.\c:\con"

These are special keywords used in DOS.All the reserved words & their keyword descriptions
CON Keyboard and display
PRN System list device, usually a parallel port
AUX Auxiliary device, usually a serial port
CLOCK$ System real-time clock
NUL Bit-bucket device
A:-Z: Drive letters
COM1 First serial communications port
COM2 Second serial communications port
COM3 Third serial communications port
COM4 Fourth serial communications port
LPT1 First parallel printer port
LPT2 Second parallel printer port
LPT3 Third parallel printer port
These are called short file names. Short file names have the 8.3 format and are compatible with MS-DOS and other legacy operating systems. They allow the windows OS to communicate with DOS or basically give the OS the ability to access files on a volume. Playing with these file names and creating garbage folders like you all are trying to do may cause your system to crash.Now, its upto u to experiment.Generally,there may be no problem when u create such folder but after some time,ur system might........ Don't blame me if some goes wrong..........


  1. I made a unnamed folder using alt+255 in my vista .
    But right then i can't be able to delete it .What to do?


  3. i created a folder named "con", as per your instructions in this page.
    But i can not delete that folder...
    How will i delete that folder ?
    Please list that instructions in this page.

  4. Without any instructions I managed to create a PRN-folder "high up" in a folder tree in W2K Explorer. No prompt or warning objected to that, but when I tried to remove it!!!
    The rmdir-command with the prescribed syntax made it, although the long path included was a challenge to enter without typos.