windows security part-I

Windows operating system has many bugs in it because

Of which it is an easy target for many hacker.

They could compromise your PC for various reasons. Some of tem can

Be following

*Steal data from your PC

*Monitor your browsing habit

*Installing spyware/adware

*Making your PC a bot machine

& Many more reasons...

So, In order to have secure your PC, various security measures

Must be taken.


This is the core security software, which must be installed

on every PC.this helps in preventing Trojan viruses, spyware

& Other malicious program from being downloaded to your PC.

even if it is there in your PC it can be removed from your PC

By scanning for them by your anti-virus software. But you must

Update your software periodically.some of the best anti-viruses

r following





Spyware are software, which will get installed without user's information

& Keeps itself running without being detected by any software.

These are intentionally designed to access information that can be

Used for someone's profit.

Adware comes bundled with some software that will keep displaying ads

On to the screen, whenever you use that software. This is to an extent okay

but some adware continues to display even if you are not using that software.

To remove them some of the best software available in the market are:


2) Spybot search & destroy link

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