securing windows OS -II

sorry guys that till now i have been telling u about various security tools/s/w which u must have but the biggest thing to better security is patch ur os.A lot of updates y available for different version of windows.
to update ur windows OS, go to start>settings>control panel>automatic update>wind update we site.

Along with this,get autopatcher if u frequently format or install ur os than downloading updates again & again is very tedious & if u have limited download like me than u must need it it.
u can download it from

In continuation with windows security - I, I haven't mentioned about firewall.some folks thinks tat they don't have any confidential data but they miss out that the point that their pc can be made a bot which will other pcs over the net so,to prevent this ,u guys must have installed it.
Firewall can be considered as a software which implement security measures in following areas
       *scans incoming/outgoing packets traffic
       *prevent access to ur pc
       *hide ur pc from hacker over internet
       *block certain application which u don't need & which can be used to compromise ur pc             security.for e.g, telnet operates at port 23,finger works at 79 etc.

firewall can be considered as of following types:
        *software based
        *hardware based
        *mixed based

software based:it is completely installed ur pc as any other sits over ur net connection & monitor all the traffic coming in/going out.advantage of this type is that it can be updated easily.

hardware based: it is completely installed as a separate component to which entire local network is connected.this type is basically used in offices.disadvantage with this type of firewall is that it can not be updated.only new model can be purchased.

mixed:as name suggest,it's combination of above two.this provides far more advance security than other is very costly to install it at home.mostly used at places where high security is demanded.

Some  good firewall which can be used at ur place are:
1)Zone Alarm

Hoping this small tutorial might hlp newbies & other to beefup the security of their pcs
the tutorials which i have posted will provide summary over a topics.

for reference:
*Computer Networks by tanenbaum


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