Stop Error Code:0x0000008E

some of my friends faced this problems which i had faced earlier to them, i know how much irritating this problem is.if u Google up this error code, u will find solution which will suggest that either your RAM is facing certain problem & hence u must change it.This error might even occur if certain files of your OS gets corrupted.

For this firstly try certain RAM checking softwares to check errors--------------.

during initial checking itself it will tell whether their is some problem with your RAM or not as same methods r used again & again.If everything is okay than try repairing your OS by boot through OS cd.Even after that if problem persist than reboot into safe mode by pressing f8 during boot up process...after this after u enter desktop immediately search for files or folders which have size of 200+MB.if it is there than just cut & paste in to certain drive.for example C:\ or in d:\ drive.

After this go to start>run>type "appwiz.cpl" & then enter without will list all the software which r currently installed.from this list remove those software which u don't need at all
& try removing those software which r very big in size like MSDN ,Visual studio etc....
& now finally reboot .this time u should not face problem & your pc should be fine....

Best of luck!

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