Best way to partition

Hi guys!
for those of u, who fear & pray that they should not face the problem of partitioning their drives because u might delete a drive which might contain your important data or even your OS setup.then,no need to worry now, Gparted is the way to go...

if anyone has heard of partition magic or used it than u will find that MUCH OF THE FUNCTIONALITY, LOOKS & FEEL of partition magic is same as with Gparted.Both these tools are very easy to use for novice also.whatever operation u want to perform like formating,resizing,or creating new partition etc.  is very easy & can be accomplished by using rectangular box which represent your hard disk along with all the partition.just take your mouse over it & change the size of the partition,even for windows partition also.If u want it free than Gparted is the way to go & it comes bundled with ubuntu live cd.just boot from this cd & make changes . But, if u r a hardcore windows user  & have no experience with Linux than u should go for partition magic.
Alternatively go for live cd of Gparted.

for more information related to Gparted, visit there site

Happy Partitioning!

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