Viruses:Common jargon for pc user



This term does not need its description as everyone knows about it. Just like people were afraid of gabber Singh, administrator r afraid of viuses. All those of u who r reading it also might have encountered several viruses while working on your computer…


 At the first node of virus detection, u will want t remove that viruses but when u give it a second chance than u might be wanted to know about it(if u r geek).Very few people knows about different types of viruses.Here,I am going to present types of viruses roaming over,tighten your security!!!!!!



It changes th file & appends itself into the file so that whe that file will be opened control will go to this file & virus will be executed.After execution control will be rleased so that it is not identified



This virus copies boot sector to othr location & replaces the original boot sector with modifid boot sector.I this it will hide some portion of memory for itself & boots the system.They r difficlt to identiy.

Assigning IP address automatically

If u r using 2 or more PC at home & u want to access Internet from both theses PCs than either u can assign local IP adress manually or by using DHCP.DHCP dynamically allocate IP address to all the PCs.Manual assignment r easy for small network But if u r working on big network than manual assignment is very difficult.u can assign IP address if u r using windows 2000.if DHCP server exist over the network than it dos not assign address but if not there than it will allocate address of class B type starting with 169.254.*.*.

This is very helpful for network administrator because PCs over network always faces some problem so very time going to desk is very difficult & even waste of time.
For more information regarding this topic,u can reference from here.

XP Command List

You have just read some commands which u can use in the command prompt.This can be seen by typing help in the command prompt.Now some of u might be thinking that these r the only commands available in windows.....But, the truth is that u can use more commands than u imagened.These commands r usually hidden from general user.U can use them if u know about those commands.
Some of u might have encountered certain files like batch files in windows which will execute upon double clicking, if u want to read out its's contents or want to modify it, if u hav created than it can be opened using notepad but nothing usefull will be shown........

One way to overcome this problem is to use "type" command.Just go the directory at command prompt where that batch file is stored & write type "filename.ext" ext means extension & filename u know it.At the command prompt itself that file will get opened.
similarly, there r large number of commands which u can use.
All these commands for windows ,bash ,oracle r available for general public