find the last date and time when your PC was shutdown

U might be wondering what is the need for this.But, this is very important in company's local or server systems.Every minute is precious to them.So, they keep a watch on how long their system is down for maintenance.Home users can also use this to know when their PC was last used (In case, u share your PC with roommates.)There are 2 ways to find this:

Method 1

Open the event viewer.This can be opened by start->run->eventvwr.msc or Alternatively by right clicking "My Computer Icon" than select "Manage"A window will open.The first entry is of event viewer.Open this by double clicking it & select system as shown.Now, look for event number 6006(the most recent one).Here, data & time is shown for last shutdown is given as shown in fig.

Method 2

open ur registry by start->run->regedit.Now goto this location

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows".After reaching here,select ShutdownTime option as shown & select file-> file with any name with .txt extension.Now,open that file,it will also show the time.

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