enable/disable USB drives

USB drives have become very common today>it has lot advantage but,there are certain problems associated with it.These devices are the common carrier of viruses & worms which can create havoc in the system.when ever any usb drive is connected to system,it is automatically detected.It is done through  usbstor.sys driver.It automatically loads appropriate driver for the USB drive..our motto is stop this driver.

so, here is a way to stop USB device from getting detected.

This method is targeted towards enabling and disabling USB pen drives.(Has no effect on USB mouse or keyboard).

To block the to use of USB Removable Disks follow these steps:

  1. Open Registry Editor.

  2. In Registry Editor, navigate to the following registry key:


  1. Locate the following value (DWORD): Start and give it a value of 4.

To enable USB pen drives,change the value from 4 to 3.Here is the figure for the same.

Note:If u don't find USBSTOR in your registry than USBSTOR.sys is not installed in your system.To install it just connect a pen drive to the system.XP will automatically install it.

Have any more problem?mention it.we will solve it.


  1. nice buddy it was a great help that was solved by u.thanks

  2. I am here, just to solve your problems.
    Thanks satyajit..

  3. even i had the above problem ...but when i followed ur steps it still the same...pleease help

  4. I need only one pen drive to be allowed..all other mass storage devices to be blocked..i m nt asking for ports bt phyisical pen drive