Shutdown windows with 1 click

There are many times when u want to shutdown your windows PC quite quickly may be because u have to go somewhere. But than, u have to to close all the applications that u have opened & than u go to start-> shutdown. I will tell a quick tip which can automatically close all the applications & shutdown ur PC in a short span of time.

Minimise all the applications & right click on free space on ur desktop. Go to New –> Shortcut.

A new window will pop up. Type there following text as it is

“shutdown /t 30”

Shutdown is a windows tool which is used to shutdown computer. “/t” is the option for this command & 30 means 30 seconds. So, u will get a message that ur PC will shutdown after 30 mins. This is a nice trick but sometimes u end accidentally clicking on this shortcut & u won’t be able to stop ur PC from shutting down. So, u can create another shortcut which can override this timer. Follow the same step as mentioned above. This time type the following text

“shutdown /a”

“/a” is one the parameter for the shutdown function which tells the system to abort the PC shutdown. Hope u like this trick. Please leave a comment whether u liked it or not.


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