Swapping partition in linux

Hello everyone!

Those of u who r new to Linux might be wondering about swapping partition...No
need to think more just go on reading it.U will get it.when u install any
windows OS than u create 2 or more partition from which 1 partition is for
windows file & other partition is used for storing ur movies,software or
files.but,in Linux,,whenever u install it (for dual boot Linux &
windows,see previous post) Linux,u need to create only 2 partition.1st will be
root partition where all ur software& movies will be stored & 2nd
partition will be used for swapping.

coming to swapping, this partition is used because at any given point,your
processor would be executing certain instructions & all instructions r
stored in queue.if some instructions is big than its execution time will also
be more so other process will take time.if any process has high priority than
it has to be executed firstly but when this process comes to cpu, at that time
ur processor might be executing.some other process, so in this case,currently
executing process will be saved in the swapped partition& high priority
process will executed firstly.

if u want to know to more on any topic,do give the topic.I will try my best to provide tutorial on it.

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