Dual-boot windows with Linux

Most of the user find it very difficult to install linux along with windows.
Reasons can be many. some wants to learn linux but don't know how to install it.
Learning linux being difficult for newbie but for fun-loving people its a great mentor also.
for our purpose,i suppose that u are running windows currently.Now please follow these steps
carefully for successfully installation of linux.
I have used fedora core 5 with windows XP

1)Go to My computer icon on desktop
right click on it & click manage option.there,double click Disk management.
on the right side all partition will be shown.

2)Don't select c: drive(if you have windows installed in this drive),instead select other drive
Note: A typical linux installation requires 4-5 GB of Hard disk only..sobefore partitioninga particular drive,make backup of that drive on some other drive or on external media.

3)After this make 3 partition with suitablesize.2 partion will be used by linux & 1 by windows

4)1st partition of linux will be our swap partition.its size should be 500 MB only.this acts as virtual memory which we have in windows.

partition size of Linux must be atleast 3 GB

6) leave 3rd partition,windows will automatically detect it.

7)Now,reboot your system & press del to enter bios setup.there under boot configuration select boot from CD-ROM drive.press f10 & enter.

8)now insert any Linux distro bootable cd into drive & ait for welcome screen.

9)at welcome screen,select install option.Installation is simple like windows.

10)during setup, it will ask to select boot loader.go for grub boot loader.LILO is also available.but grub is generally good.

11)it will ask for hard disk space where it will install itself.

12)Recall,we have created 500MB of partition,select this & then select option swap partition.

13)similarly,you created 3GB of
partition.her linux will get installed.select this partition carefully from the list of available partition.& then select option ext2/ext3 partition.ext2 is like fat/ntfs which we have in windows.

14)Now you will be presented with simple questions.for e.g choose the language from following etc.These configuration can be changed after installation also.

15)after complete installation.reboot your system & take your Linux cd out.when booting,u will be presented with grub interface where u can select which OS to boot & u will boot into that OS.

Best of Luck!
for any problem,do comment.

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