Rescue disk to clean virus without booting windows

Some virus are very destructive or badly coded until it affects Windows stability. One of the worst thing that could happen is you’re unable to boot in to Windows and not even Safe Mode. That makes it harder for tech people to troubleshoot the problem and ended up in reformatting the hard drive to reinstall Windows. Last year I written a guide on how to clean or remove virus when you can’t boot in to Windows using Hiren’s BootCD.

However, Hiren’s BootCD only has F-Prot and McAfee dos based antivirus, which I personally think that it is not strong or smart enough to detect and remove some viruses. The only antivirus program that I can put my trust on is Kaspersky.

Good news is Kaspersky has started offering Rescue Disk to scan and remove virus on computer without the need of booting in to Windows.

Download the ISO disk from here

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