Viruses:Common jargon for pc user



This term does not need its description as everyone knows about it. Just like people were afraid of gabber Singh, administrator r afraid of viuses. All those of u who r reading it also might have encountered several viruses while working on your computer…


 At the first node of virus detection, u will want t remove that viruses but when u give it a second chance than u might be wanted to know about it(if u r geek).Very few people knows about different types of viruses.Here,I am going to present types of viruses roaming over,tighten your security!!!!!!



It changes th file & appends itself into the file so that whe that file will be opened control will go to this file & virus will be executed.After execution control will be rleased so that it is not identified



This virus copies boot sector to othr location & replaces the original boot sector with modifid boot sector.I this it will hide some portion of memory for itself & boots the system.They r difficlt to identiy.

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